Dreamland Villa 2023
Annual Membership Fees
and 55+ Age Survey
Annual DVRC membership fees are coming due for 2023 and we need your support! The annual fee for 2023 will remain at $190 per person and is due by January 31, 2023.

PLEASE NOTE that Maricopa County requires DVRC provide an annual report of our 55+ compliance for each home in Dreamland Villa per HUD requirement §§ 100.307 Verification of Occupancy.

All information requested on this form is kept confidential

First, complete the 55+ age survey below:
Enter your Dreamland Villa house number, select your street from the list and enter an apartment number if appropriate.

House Number

Please fill in the name(s) birth dates and phone for each resident below even if you do not wish to renew the annual membership fee and become a member. DVRC periodically sends information out via email. If you would like to stay informed by email you can enter your email address also.


First Name

Last Name
Date of Birth


You can also support DVRC by designating funds to your favorite passions, such as the preservation of our 55+ status, Pool maintenance, Nature Walk maintenance, Exercise Room, Woodshop, Lapidary, Pickleball, etc.
Donation amount: I would like to designate this for:

I agree this information is correct and will be used per HUD requirement §§ 100.307 Verification of Occupancy.

Click the Submit button below to submit your 55+ age survey information above.

The next step is payment.
If you are making a donation it will require a separate payment.