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Welcome to Dreamland Villa Community Club

Our mission is to foster honesty and respect and to communicate with our residents.  Also to offer programs and activities, within the community, which will meet residents' needs now and into the future.

Arboretum <i>by Dorothy Randall</i>
Arboretum by Dorothy Randall


Office Hours are Changing:
The Dreamland Villa office will go back to full-time hours on September 8.  For your convenience, we will be open from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Ceramics Update:  The Ceramics' first specialty class will be “The Village Church”  and the class will be held on September 19, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. See "Fun Time Ceramics" for more information. (No classes August 27 - September 6 )

Farnsworth Pool Closed for repairs until sometime in August!
Work on the Farnsworth pool is moving along. The pool decking is being refinished, along with work to the spa to bring them up to code.

The Read pool will remain open until the Farnsworth pool reopens.  It will not be closed on the fourth  Sunday of the month while the Farnsworth pool is closed. Then it will be closed for about 5 days for cleaning, repairs and painting the bathrooms.

While the work is being done the children’s hours at Read Pool are being extended as follows: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

Please be patient and know we have your best interest at heart here with all the work to be done.

Possible Sewer Extension
The City sent surveys to those with septic systems in March, 2015. The results were released. Learn more here.

New Editor for the Citizen Newspaper
Barb Miller has retired. Maurine Bierle is the new editor. Please send articles for the Citizen to Maurine at editorofcitizen@centurylink.net. Deadline for submission of articles is the 10th of the prior month.

Our Maintenance Crew has changed!
Brian and Tyler have resigned, effective April 29. We will miss them.  Alex Regalado has been hired for maintenance. When you see Alex, please welcome him. (Links provide more information.)

Nextdoor.com - a social network just for Us
Nextdoor.com was designed specifically to encourage neighborhood communication and Dreamland Villa has it's own neighborhood. It allows communication with your neighbors via the website and email and is safe and private. Before going to the website learn all about it here so you can make up your mind if it is right for you.

Memory Brick Garden Fundraiser
The Brick Garden has been a successful fundraising project for the betterment of our Community Club. Please continue to remember those near and dear in a way that they can be honored and we can enjoy our memories with them as well. Learn more here.

Volunteers step up and help out!
Did you realize how many projects here are completed totally with volunteer help and donations?
Read more here.

Welcome New Residents to Dreamland Villa
Help us welcome new residents. Check out the names here.

Read Responses to your Suggestions
Remember the Suggestion boxes in Read Hall, Farnsworth and the Office? They are your opportunity to offer suggestions and ideas. See what suggestions have been received and the Board's responses here.

Going Green With Sunshine Acres: Learn more here.

Did you Know

The Citizen Newspaper is Online
August, 2015 is available.
Out of town? Missed your copy? Looking for an old copy?
Read it on the website!

Signing in for Activities
Are you doing it correctly?

Volunteers Needed
Food Handlers are needed in the kitchen at Farnsworth Hall for various events. There are lots of other things you can volunteer for too!

Dreamland Improvements & Suggestions
Submit your suggestions

Leave a comment or Send us an article
This site will only be up to date if folks let us know what is happening.

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What's Happening

Farnsworth Activities
9/8 Line Dancing
9/15 TAI CHI
9/15 Line Dancing
9/17 TAI CHI
9/21 Evening Tai- Chi Lessons
9/22 TAI CHI
9/22 Line Dancing
9/23 Evening Tai- Chi Lessons
9/24 TAI CHI
9/28 Evening Tai- Chi Lessons
9/29 TAI CHI
9/29 Line Dancing
9/30 Evening Tai- Chi Lessons

Read Hall Activities
9/9 Singles Meeting
9/11 Blind Wine Tasting
9/12 Coffee Social
9/17 General Potluck at Read Hall
9/23 Singles Meeting
9/26 Coffee Social

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