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New Property Owners

As a new property owner, you will probably find much of the information on this website helpful.  But, you probably don't have time to look at all of it so this page is designed to highlight information you shouldn't miss.

There are many things that are important for new residents to know. This is a starter list.

County Island  The land was purchased to develop Dreamland Villa before the City of Mesa had expanded East to the area and it was not annexed in. This makes Dreamland Villa (and many other areas) a "county island" surrounded by the City of Mesa.

No City services or taxes  Since we are not in the City of Mesa we do not receive city services such as fire protection, ambulance service and garbage collection, but also don't pay city taxes. See below for services available in Dreamland Villa.

Fire Protection - Rural Metro Fire provides fire service to county islands. You must subscribe annually for fire protection. Call Rual/Metro at (480) 627-6414 or (480)627-6200 for more information or visit their web site www.rmfire.com.

Ambulance Service Rural Metro Fire provides ambulance service for county islands like Dreamland Villa. Ambulance service is not included with your fire protection subscription though. Billing is charged per ambulance request. Rural Metro does have an annual subscription plan available for Ambulance service as well as their fire protection plans.

Garbage Collection - City of Mesa garbage collection is not available in Dreamland Villa. There are several private services that operate in the area. Contact the office for an up to date list.

Recycling - Options for recycling are covered here.

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