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Clubs & Activities

Please Carry your Kee Card

Dreamland Villa has a wide variety of clubs and activities. There is something for everyone! Look through all the items below. I'm sure you will find things that interest you. Just stop by at the posted times and join in.
We are constantly updating the information provided, so check back often.

Following a discussion of the members of the Dreamland Villa Board, it was decided to request that all members of Dreamland Villa carry their Kee Cards.  Each room in the DV facilities has a sign in sheet and all members are to enter their individual name and card number on that sheet.  Do not leave doors unlocked or ajar for entry.  Remember, every resident in a DV home needs to have and use their own individual card to enter and enjoy use of Common Areas.  Monitors for various activities will be asked to make sure that attendees have signed in and have current cards.

The DV “Common Area Rules and Regulations” state:  1. Only Members and their guests are permitted use of Corporation facilities, with the exception of those facilities open to the public. 2. Use of Kee card controlled Corporation facilities is restricted to members and their guests. 3. Guests will be allowed use of Corporation facilities provided they are accompanied and signed in by the host member. 4. A guest
 who resides in the general area of but outside Dreamland Villa and who is accompanied by a member will be allowed use of the Corporation facilities for the day of his/her visit. It is not intended that such guests will be permitted unrestricted use of Corporation facilities and such guests will limit such use to no more than twice in any given calendar month, regardless of whose guest he or she is. It is the host member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests do not violate this rule.

Please Sign in for Activities Correctly

The Maintenance and Office staff would appreciate your cooperation when signing in for the various activities. Please sign in with only one name per line and include your Kee card number. If you have a guest, write their name and enter your Kee card number with a “G” following the number.

It's the little things that help us run smoothly. With your cooperation, we can save time in preparing our statistical report each month.

Thank you for your help.

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Dreamland Villa Retirement Community
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