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The Board would like to know what your ideas/suggestions/dreams are. We have placed paper (forms) and deposit boxes at Farnsworth Hall (in the lobby), at Read Hall (near the entrance), and in the Business Office. You can also print the form or fill out the electronic form here. Please be specific with your ideas, including how we could implement them and how we could fund them (if applicable). You do not have to leave your name and contact number, however if you do we will be able to contact you personally for clarification and/or response. We would like ideas from ALL Dreamland Villa Residents. Perhaps if you are not a member and come up with a good idea, we can implement it and entice you into becoming a member. If a contact person is provided we will try to respond directly. Otherwise, you can see all the suggestions and our responses below. Come on folks, we cannot operate without you. We need your input. The list below will be updated as new suggestions are received.

Suggestions and Responses

Nov. 23, 2014   Member
Suggestion:  Just an observation for the people that live in DVRC that are among the working class,the Desert Walkers sounds like an excellent opportunity for the retired people that can attend during the week, but for those of us that are still working,we are not able to take time off work to enjoy these benefits. Why can't Dreamland set something up for the residents that live in an 55+ community and not a retirement community? seems DVRC caters to the retired and not to there residents that are part of the working class.
Response:  The problem is the DVRC "club" does not set up most of the activities, like the Desert Walkers. Individuals within the community organize them. All the groups, etc. on the website are organized and run by residents volunteering their time. DVRC maintains the facilities and assigns space for an activity when a resident comes to the office and requests it. Even the large events at Farnsworth Hall are organized by residents volunteering their time.
   So that brings us back to your problem. I suggest you contact an organizer (listed with most of the groups/activities on the website) of an activity you are interested in and ask if there is a way it could be scheduled for those in the working world. Or, of course, you could organize an activity yourself. If you have questions about how to do this I'm sure the office could help. They can be reached by phone during office hours or email. Office information is on the website. April 22, 2014   Member
Suggestion:  Add (free) weights to the gym, update other equipment.
Response:  Free weights are not a good idea due to the potential for theft, however an additional weight machine could be purchased as well as updating of other equipment. Due to DVCC financial constraints at this time, users of the gym should organize and do a fundraiser to purchase specific equipment. The club will research the possibility of expanding the exercise room (perhaps swapping with another club facility?) to allow more room for additional equipment.

April 22, 2014   Member
Suggestion:  Distribute written material to board members far enough in advance that they can read and comment on it prior to the actual board meetings. This would shorten the board meetings.
Response:  This will be done effective with the May, 2014 meetings.
Update May, 2016The exercise room has been moved and equipment updated. There are also free weights.

April 11, 2014   Anonymous
Suggestion:  If Club dues are used to fund other than club facilities, then all residents should be mandated to pay dues.
Response:  Club dues are not used in this manner. We are not an HOA and cannot mandate that non-members pay dues.

April 10, 2014   Member
Suggestion:  Put warning signs on the inclines leading to Read Complex doors.
Response:  Looked at the situation. The ramps are so gradual that signage would not be required or a good idea, as then it would be expected that such signs would be at every situation where there was a slight slope (i.e. for drainage).

April 7, 2014   Member
Suggestion:  Make solicitors get approval from the DVCC office prior to soliciting in Dreamland Villa and place no soliciting signs on the streets.
Response:  We are not a gated community so we cannot restrict who uses our streets. We cannot place restrictive signs on the public streets except for very limited situations (i.e. Dreamland Villa Community 55 Years or Older) or Blockwatch.

April 3, 2014   Non-Member
Suggestion:  Allow music center to provide entertainment at Farnsworth on instrument which they provide (and sell)
Response:  $Fee charged for use of hall for non-DVCC members. Gave contact number of person in charge of hall for response.

March 24, 2014   9 Members
Suggestion:  Set up NFL package in facility and charge viewers to watch.
Response:  There is substantial expense involved (multiple TVs, service, wiring, etc.). Club cannot afford it at this time, however if a group was formed to finance and support the idea, then the club would consider it. A follow up suggestor on the same topic agreed to try to organize such a group in the fall.

March 24, 2014   Anon Member
Suggestion:  Have BINGO again.
Response:  If a person wishes to get a group together to organize BINGO we could support it. A DVCC member is considering starting CARD bingo in the fall if a time window is available at Read Hall and if enough interest is shown.

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