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Welcome New Residents

The Welcoming Committee welcomes all the new residents to Dreamland Villa Retirement Community. Our community is always looking for new folks to participate in the various activities we have to offer and appreciate the opportunity of making new friends! There will be an official invitation periodically for a gathering for us all to get a chance to meet and share information about our community. Dreamland Villa Retirement Community relies on income from annual dues to maintain all the facilities and services described on this website, which are only available to those who have paid the annual fee. If you have not yet paid for a "key card"  check out the information on this site or stop by the office during business hours to learn more. The names below followed by an asterisks are members. Welcome and we look forward to seeing you in and around the Villa! The list below is organized by street so you can find new neighbors on your street easier. An * indicates the annual fee has been paid. The date is 'purchase' or 'move in' date. (An attempt is made to list persons with the same last name together using 'and'. This does not necessarily mean the names are husband and wife.)

New residents from 3/1/2017 to 04/01/2017

55th Pl
   737 N 55th Place
   Valerie Lozensky 03/21/2017

58th St
   243 N 58th Street
   Joel Anton 03/17/2017

60th Pl
   426 N 60th Place
    Darrell and Linda Coggins 03/13/2017

61st Pl
   301 N 61st Place
    Ronald * and Marina * Logan 03/17/2017

Albany St
   6105 E Albany Street
    Dennis * and Debra * Braun 03/14/2017

Anaheim St
   5955 E Anaheim Street
   Carol S. Wilkinson, Randy Warstler 03/17/2017

Boise St
   5231 E Boise Street
   Leons and Sylvia Ricks, Benjamin Jaus 03/03/2017
   5401 E Boise Street
   JJL Homes 03/08/2017
   5482 E Boise Street
   Sharon Eller * 03/16/2017
   6025 E Boise Street
   Brian Neugebauer * 03/24/2017
   6118 E Boise Street
   Betty Fondow 03/16/2017

Boston St
   5489 E Boston Street
   Patsy Lee 03/03/2017
   6020 E Boston Street
   David and Jodee Kuschel 03/01/2017

Butte St
   5423 E Butte Street
   Victoria Olesksy 03/24/2017
   6027 E Butte Street
   Franklin and Ruth Stover 03/16/2017

Covina St
   5323 E Covina Street
   GMK ENTERPRISES 03/16/2017

Dallas St
   5657 E Dallas Street
   Robert and Carol Jurate 03/24/2017
   5918 E Dallas Street
   Kathaleen Charest * 03/27/2017

Decatur St
   5729 E Decatur Street
   Steven and Marcia Malone 03/24/2017
   6648 E Decatur Street
   Janet Maxon 03/03/2017
   6717 E Decatur Street
   Betty * and Kelly * Tiehen 03/15/2017

Dodge St
   5348 E Dodge Street
   Leroy * and Debra Speicher 03/14/2017
   5434 E Dodge Street
   Robert D and , John Russo 03/22/2017
   6432 E Dodge Street
   Linda Roujon * 03/22/2017

Duncan St
   5410 E Duncan Street
   Ellen and Scott Gonzales 03/22/2017

El Paso St
   6642 E El Paso Street
   Yvonne Gomez 03/31/2017

Ellis St
   6060 E Ellis Street
   Kenneth and Teresa Johnson 03/13/2017

Evergreen St
   6119 E Evergreen Street
   Jennifer Garst and Timothy Anderson 03/20/2017

There are 52 new residents during the indicated time period.

Dreamland Villa Retirement Community
320 N. 55th Place, Mesa, AZ 85205
(480) 832-3461
Adult 55+ Community

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