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A Social Network for Dreamland

Nextdoor.com is a private social network for neighborhoods.  It allows communication with your neighbors via the website and email.  It is safe and private, and it is also funded by private services so there is no advertising.  Nextdoor.com was designed specifically to encourage neighborhood communication.

Plan a block party, let your neighbors know about a lost pet, advertise items to sell or give away, get notifications about upcoming events, etc.  If you don't want to get emails about classifieds, then set your preferences to block those....., but still get others.  Learn who your neighbors are (that have joined Nextdoor) on a map of the neighborhood or browse by name (after you have joined).

Nextdoor.com isn't for everyone.  It serves a different purpose than the Citizen or the DVCC website, providing a safe, social means to communicate with as many or few neighbors as you like.  You can create a 'Group' with the people on your block or those participating in a club or activity, like the Art Room or Hiking.  Neighborhood Block Watch groups could use it to communicate within their group or a larger group of all the Neighborhood Block Watch groups could be established to disseminate information.

Unlike many other social media options, Nextdoor.com is very safe.  Only those living in Dreamland Villa can join the neighborhood.  To join, your address and name must be verified and after joining you must sign in to access the website.  Nextdoor.com has neighborhoods established all across the US and even the world.  Cities are also using it to disseminate emergency and other messages.

Nextdoor.com is most effective if a large percentage of residents join, so please give it some thought.  Their website doesn't give you much information unless you have joined, we have included some helpful links below to help you decide if Nextdoor is right for you.

A Simple Introduction
pdf download

Learn more About Nextdoor.com
What makes nextdoor what it is?

Demo Site
Get an idea of what the site looks like and how it can be used.

Making Changes to Your Personal Settings

Using the Main Navigation

Tips for Using Nextdoor

Guidelines for Neighborly Behavior
Follow the guidelines and everyone has a good experience.

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