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Hall Setup for Activities

One of the DVRC Maintenance’s many responsibilities is setting up the various activities that take place at both Read and Farnsworth Halls. In any given week we set up tables and chairs for several Potlucks, the State Club meetings, Singles Club events, Cards, as well as large shows (such as the Arts and Craft Show) and all entertainment events. Some are fairly simple setups while others take quite a bit of time and energy. Many event planners or persons who wish to use our Halls do not give us setup sheets. Maintenance is left a little bewildered over the expectations of those planners or persons. The clubs are frustrated because their setups are either not in place, or not to their liking. Maintenance gets flustered because setup sheets were not made or not specific enough to make the clubs' wishes known to us. Given the fact that we serve many requests for different arrangements it is difficult for us to remember individual clubs and their desires for placement of tables and chairs. When you have an event, meeting or dinner (one-time event or something that occurs monthly or weekly) it is REQUIRED that you make a "setup sheet" for Maintenance. This is our one line of communication with what you want when it comes to arranging the tables and chairs, and providing the items you need for your event. Once you have scheduled your event through the Office ask the Receptionist for a setup sheet. It MUST be filled out and given back to the Receptionist five days before your event. If you have a weekly activity, please see the Receptionist and arrange to have a Permanent Setup made. This time period allows us to work our schedule around the time it takes to prepare for your event. As you are filling out your setup sheet please be aware of the scale of the tables and the Halls. There is a scale legend on the sheets. It is helpful to understand the scale so that you get a better picture of how the Hall will look and what we can actually fit. There is also an area on the sheet for you to specify if you need coffee pots or other such items. The more specific you are, the happier everyone will be with the results. It is also helpful if you include your name and phone number in case there are any questions about your arrangement. Thank you, The Maintenance Crew!

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