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Dreamland Villa Retirement Community (DVRC)

Dreamland Villa Retirement Community (DVRC) is a non-profit corporation. It maintains the common properties in Dreamland Villa and maintains the 55+ age-restricted status the community has. Prior to 2017 it was called the Dreamland Villa Community Club.

History . Dreamland Villa Community Club was a non-profit Corporation created in 1961. The 1961 Articles of Incorporation stated the Corporation was organized to provide a wide choice of civic and recreational activities and for other non-profit purposes. In 2017 the Corporation changed its name to Dreamland Villa Retirement Community.

Purpose . The Corporation owns, maintains and operates the Farnsworth Hall and Read Hall campuses as well as the Nature Walk. The Corporation provides recreational activities at the Farnsworth and Read Hall campuses for residents who have paid an annual fee and have a current year kee card. Since 1980, the Corporation also maintains all the records to comply with the 55+ age-restricted status.

Annual Fee is the primary source of income for DVRC. The non-mandatory fee is requested for each person living at a residence. A "Kee Card" is provided to each person paying the annual fee. It provides access to DVRC community properties including: pools; activity rooms; and Read hall. The kee card permits attendance at board study sessions and meetings and voting. The Annual meeting in January and specially called meetings are open to all DVRC members.

Voting . Voting membership in the Corporation is set forth in the By Laws, available in the Digital Library Official Documents. Voting Membership is available to those Dreamland Villa residents who pay the annual fee and have a current year kee card.

No HOA Means No Steady Income  Without an HOA DVRC cannot require residents to pay fees, such as the Annual and Initial Membership Fees. An HOA would even be necessary to require new owners to pay fees. This has caused DVRC to struggle financially at times. The common argument is "I'm not using any of the facilities so why should I pay the annual fee?". Supporting DVRC financially means a lot more than simply having use of the facilities.  It gives the member the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing their part to ensure that Dreamland Villa remains a 55+ community.

Dreamland Villa Retirement Community
320 N. 55th Place, Mesa, AZ 85205
(480) 832-3461
Adult 55+ Community

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