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What Is Strategic Planning?

What is a Strategic Plan?

A Strategic Plan provides a “roadmap” to the future of an organization and allows for an introspective look at established practices. Typically, a strategic plan assesses the overall health of the organization, develops strategies for potential implementation, analyzes funding needs, and considers opportunities for organizational development over a 3 – 5 year time horizon, and beyond.

The strategic planning process involves collecting information, facts and data, as well as gathering input from the community. From this, the final plan will provide guidance to the Board of Directors and establish a framework for the future financial, organizational and administrative needs of the organization.

Why undertake a Strategic Plan?

This plan is needed to help ensure that current and future Boards, as well as the membership, have the necessary information to make informed decisions and choices going forward. Because DVRC does not have a consistent funding stream, it has become increasingly difficult for the DVRC to maintain the level of administrative capacity necessary to properly manage the organizational needs, activities, programs and facilities. The result of this has been an undue burden being placed on the Board of Directors, maintenance personnel, office staff and volunteers. The Strategic Plan is a first step in assisting the DVRC and members with identifying solutions to these issues.

What will the Strategic Plan Do?

The plan presents strategies for potential implementation; including funding requirements to meet future needs and new opportunities for organizational development over a 3 - 5 year time horizon, and beyond.

Major Focus Areas

  • Funding - Financial resources
  • Office Management and Essential Committees - Assess administrative needs
  • DVRC Memberships - Identify methods for increasing membership
  • Facilities - Determine and evaluate priorities for capital improvements and maintenance needs
  • Programs - Evaluate activities, clubs, events and entertainment
  • Fundraising - Assess obstacles and opportunities to increasing revenue
  • Volunteer Program - Recruitment and Retention

What is Involved?

The plan is available to any resident of Dreamland Villa. An implementation plan will subsequently be developed to specify the goals and objectives needed to carry out the strategies included in the Plan. It is recommended that the Plan be updated every 3 - 5 years to remain current.

In developing the plan the committee moved through logical steps to help ensure the Plan met the expectations of the Board of Directors and is conducted in accordance with accepted best practices. The key analyses was conducted regarding the Strengths, Weaknesses,Threats and Opportunities of the organization; commonly referred to as the SWOT Analysis. The SWOT Analysis requires gathering up-to-date information that will refine and potentially shape the list of strategic questions to be answered through this process. From the SWOT, as well as from other analyses to be conducted, decisions can be made regarding the future direction of the organization.


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