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Meet the 2020 Board Candidates

The candidates will be interviewed at the Annual Membership Meeting to be held Saturday, January 11, 2020 at  10:00 am at Farnsworth Hall. The 2020 Election will be held Tuesday, February 11 at Read Hall. The polls will be open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you are housebound and unable to come to the polling station, please call the office at 480-832-3461 to request a ballot to be delivered. Absentee ballots will be available February 3, 2020 and may be cast until 3 p.m. on February 10th.

Allees Cohrt

My name is Allees Cohrt and I am a candidate for the DVRC Board of Directors.  
My husband Robert and I purchased our home in Dreamland 6 years ago when we moved here from California.  I appreciate the many opportunities this community offers to make this an enjoyable place to live and I want to help keep Dreamland a positive place to live now and in the future.
Before retirement I worked for the Ventura County Sheriffs Office.  I did clerical work that included organization of case files, data entry, interviewing, processing, and directing and coordinating visitors.  Previous to this position, I spent many years working with children organizing programs with staff and individual students at public schools.
I believe my work experiences honed my people skills.
I look forward to serving my community.

Allees Cohrt
Allees Cohrt
Johna Sharp
Johna Sharp

Johna Sharp

I am the current DVRC President, and I have decided to run for reelection. I was appointed to the Board in August of 2017 and elected for a two-year term in 2018. My tenure as your President has not always been easy. As you can imagine there is a huge learning curve to a position like this, and I haven’t always handled issues in the best way possible. But I have learned from my mistakes and I feel that I am now better equipped and better educated to keep Dreamland in a moving forward position.

I am now a provisional member of the Alpha Unit, the Arizona District 8 Chapter of the National Association of Parliamentarians, because I felt the need to better educate myself on parliamentarian procedures for facilitating our meetings. I initiated the hiring of non-Dreamland residents into the office so that the politics of living here do not interfere with daily DVRC business. Office procedures have been streamlined and documented so that when the staffing or Board changes, the job functions do not. We have a Board that doesn’t always agree with one another, but we get along and are making progress. And I believe that the overall atmosphere in Dreamland has become more positive.

My degree in Business Management has been useful in guiding DVRC into a more contemporary management style. I believe we need to place more focus on our residents to find out what they want and need; and how we can modernize our business practices to get there. By doing this, we should be able to increase our community’s involvement with the hope of not having to increase our annual fee. More members means more revenue to cover increased maintenance and overhead costs.

Having moved here from the Seattle area, I have lived in Dreamland since 2016 and reside with my sister Suzette on E. El Paso Street.

Ward Jennings

Once again our Community’s most challenging problem is 2019’s declining revenue*, the lowest since dues were raised 40% to $175 in 2015.  Addressing the pivotal issue of declining revenue is my singular reason to be a candidate.   

In January 2017, during my previous tenure as a director (April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2018), 563 members voted “YES” to re-brand Dreamland Villa as a 55+ age-restricted Retirement Community, while eight members voted to keep the “club”.  

The re-branding enabled new marketing strategies to be devised that increased 2017’s Total Revenue to $503,769, compared to 2019’s Total Revenue of $436,646*.  In the first quarter of 2018 (and my last quarter as a Director), 9% more residents paid annual fees of $331,392, compared to $304,329 for all 12 months of 2019.  

I learned about responsibility and common sense growing up on a small farm in upstate New York.  My family moved to Arizona, I graduated from Mesa High School, and earned a BS in Accounting from ASU.  I subsequently earned MBA and ME degrees.   After my service in the federal government, I worked as a financial controller in the retail and construction industries, recognizing the value of customer satisfaction to generate repeat revenue, critical to sustaining a successful business.  

I’d 1ike your vote if you want a Director who previously successfully increased revenue, so that our Community can keep its 55+ age-restriction status, both campuses in operation, and our neighborhoods clean, quiet and safe, as it’s been since I purchased here in 2007. 
*Revenue: 2019: $436,646, 2018: $555,767, 2017: $503,769, 2016: $492,899, 2015: $460,605, 2014: $384,664, 2013: $422,520, 2012: $454,495 (See the Audit Committee Report, page 4 April 2015.)



Ward Jennings
Ward Jennings
Sandra Eiker
Sandra Eiker

Sandra Eiker

 I purchased my home in Dreamland from my parents estate in 1992 and moved here permanently in 2003, relocating from the East Coast.  Membership dues have always been paid on the property.
Since my parents enjoyed their retirement in Dreamland I have had the privilege of knowing this community for over four decades and think my time has come to become more involved as a member by serving on the DVRC Board of Directors.  Over the last two years I have seen active positive actions by the board.  Civility is present and if elected I want to keep it so.

I see the future as positive and productive if we:
    Establish DVRC in a more knowledgeable way for marketing and educating ourselves and the realtors who represent sellers.
    Know more as owners about the local county, state and federal laws that impact us.
    Offer on site information sessions on the region, local and beyond and interact with our neighbors and other communities.

I hold Degrees in Education and have served in numerous roles in public, private, nonprofit and higher education arenas as well as international consulting.  I am an active member of a local church.  I also continue on over 3 decades membership in Zonta International through a local club.  I was an active community member in previous places of residency.  I have been an active volunteer as a member of the Heard Museum Guild for 15 years.  When the Mesa Arts Center opened over a decade ago I became a volunteer usher and now I continue to volunteer in the Art Galleries.

In my life and profession I believe we must honor the past, live in the present and prepare for the rapidly changing future.  “Help the helpers do their job”.  Honor our tradition of volunteering and pitching in!
I will appreciate your vote.


Dreamland Villa Retirement Community
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