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The Dreamland Villa Subdivision is a 55+ age-restricted Community based on Maricopa County (MC) Senior Citizen Overlay Zoning District Ordinance number Z 34-80 dated August 4, 1980. MC Department of Planning and Development assigned Dreamland Villa Retirement Community (DVRC) the responsibility to maintain the records to comply with the MC Ordinance Chapter 10, Section 1006, and by reference therein, the requirements set forth in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing of Older Persons Act (HOPA). Briefly, those requirements stipulate that each dwelling within Dreamland Villa shall be occupied by at least one person 55 years of age or older and no person under the age of eighteen shall reside in any dwelling unit for a period of time exceeding ninety days per calendar year. It is the responsibility of a property’s seller and realtor to inform potential buyers that the MC Ordinance restricts the use of property located in the Dreamland Villa Subdivision.

“Abatement Ordinance”

In addition its status as a 55+ age-restricted Community, DVRC desires to maintain the Dreamland Villa Subdivision as a quiet, safe and well maintained Community. To this end, DVRC shall assist MC in identifying on real property located in the Dreamland Villa Subdivision situations which have a detrimental effect on the public health, safety or our residents’ general welfare. (MC Ordinance #11. CHAPTER 1)

DVRC shall consider a valid complaint (or violation) against an owner, occupant or entity that allows for rubbish, trash, weeds, filth, debris or dilapidated buildings (situations which constitute a hazard to public health and safety) to remain upon property of which they are the owner or occupant. This includes sidewalks, streets and alleys contiguous to the property of which they are the owner or occupant. Included in the MC Ordinance is the prohibition for any person to place rubbish, trash, filth or debris upon any private or public property located in the County’s unincorporated areas, not owned or under the control of that person.

Clarifications: MC Ordinance does not define ground vegetation as a “weed” until it is 6” tall and dead. Colors: notably, the color a dwelling unit is painted is not a valid complaint or violation. Children, noisy neighbors or other situations must be present when the alleged violation is investigated.

Valid complaints may exist that are within the authority of MC departments or agencies other than Planning and Development. For example, MCSO handles abandoned cars or other issues occurring on the streets.

The Maricopa County Ordinances that form the basis of valid complaints include:
    Senior Citizen Overlay Zoning District
    County Abatement Ordinance No. 11
    Pigeon Fyler

DVRC Complaint Form
pdf printable form
County Abatement Ordinance No. 11

Senior Citizen Overlay Zoning District

Pigeon Flyer

Dreamland Villa Retirement Community
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