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New Residents

Whether you are a new property owner or renting, here is some information that you should know about your community:

County Island  Dreamland Villa is a Maricopa County island, as it was developed before the City of Mesa expanded and it was not annexed into the city. Your mailing address will reflect the City of Mesa with a ZIP code of 85205.

No City services or taxes  Because Dreamland is not within the City of Mesa, we do not receive city services such as police, fire protection, ambulance service and garbage collection, therefore you pay county and not city taxes or the associated service taxes. This means that your property taxes are less than those for a similar property residing within the City of Mesa.

Fire & Ambulance Service - Rural Metro Fire provides fire service to Maricopa County.   You must subscribe annually for fire protection and separately for ambulance service. Call Rural Metro at (480) 627-6414 or (480) 627-6200 for more information or visit their web site www.rmfire.com.

Water Service: Water service is provided by the City of Mesa. You can reach them at (480) 644-2221.

Electric Service: Electrical service is provided by SRP. They can be reached at (602) 236-8888.

Garbage Collection - City of Mesa garbage collection is not available in Dreamland Villa. The following private services operate in the area:

     Right Away Disposal (RAD) - (480) 736-0201 RightAwayDisposal.com.
     Republic Services - (602) 237-2078 RepublicServices.com.
     Waste Management - (602) 268-2222 wm.com.

Recycling - Options for recycling are covered here.

Dreamland Villa Posse: Dreamland Villa has a privately owned non-profit security company run by volunteers. They patrol the area to deter crime and will check on your property if you leave the area for an extended period of time. They should not be contacted if you are in need of emergency services

Emergency Services: Should you require emergency medical or police services, you should call 911. You will be routed to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s or Maricopa County emergency medical services.

Help Services is an independent non-profit corporation that loans health related equipment and other equipment to residents of Dreamland Villa and Velda Rose Estates. They can be reached at (480) 985-6021.

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