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What Is a Neighborhood (Block) Watch?
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What Is a Neighborhood (Block) Watch?

A Neighborhood Watch is a program that enlists the help of citizens in a cooperative effort with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities. This partnership is something that has proven it's worth time and time again across the United States. It's been used by large cities and small communities to foster cooperation and trust between the public and the law enforcement community. A Neighborhood Watch can be effective in any community. Neighbors get to know each other and Learn how to prevent crime through a series of crime prevention meetings given by the Sheriff's Office. These classes are usually done in one neighborhood at a time in a resident's home. Presentations include crime prevention organizing home security, proper use of the 911 system, as well as things to look for to protect their community from being victimized. Everyone can participate in the Neighborhood Watch program by helping each other and the Sheriff's Office. People can fight crime in their community in a very effective way by stopping many crimes before they even begin. It is a proven fact that communities that have an active Neighborhood Watch program have less crime. Each Neighborhood Watch needs to designate a leader or Captain. This person acts as the coordinator between the block and the Sheriff's Office. He or she would organize a neighborhood phone list, create a neighborhood resource list, and obtain Neighborhood Watch materials. They would NOT be the person to call if there is an ongoing crime. They would be the person to contact for organizing meetings and activities that the community wishes to participate in. These activities build strong community involvement and commitment. A good Neighborhood Watch is neighbors working together to address issues that concern the entire neighborhood. There is no room for personal projects or arguments. A good Neighborhood Watch can reduce crime through education, teamwork, and good communication with the Sheriff's Office. Once the Neighborhood Watch is established, the group is registered with the National Sheriff's Association which then allows access to articles as well as reasonably priced signs, posters, etc. To maintain a Neighborhood Watch, a neighborhood will need to have a minimum of 2 meetings a year. These meetings can be as simple as a potluck, barbecue, etc. The point being that you get to know your neighbors. A second meeting can be educational with attendance by a Sheriff's representative, Code Enforcement or streets representative. Christine Mortimer is the current committee lead for Neighborhood Watch in Dreamland Villa.

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