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Neighborhood Watch Program
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Neighborhood Watch Program

The NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH program is the cornerstone of all crime prevention programs. It enlists the active participation of all citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce burglaries and other neighborhood crimes. Its primary purpose is the protection of property – yours and your neighbors. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH crime prevention programs are a proven and effective means to substantially reduce not only the incidence of residential burglaries in a specified geographical area, but the incidence of other crimes. A good neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever invented. This program teaches you steps that can be taken to help protect your home. It also helps you organize a neighborhood group and start making crime prevention a part of every person’s daily routine.


The NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH program will help deter crime in the neighborhood in which you live. The “job” of a Dreamland Villa citizen in your neighborhood watch area is to be suspicious, alert, and to report any suspicious activity to the sheriff’s department. It is the responsibility of the deputies to apprehend the criminals. Yours is to report crime.


EVERYONE!! Dreamland would like all neighbors to get involved. Each neighborhood needs a captain who serves as a liaison among the Neighborhood Watch coordinator, the sheriff’s department and the neighbors. Dreamland needs people who are willing to accept this role for your neighborhood.  There are already a number of neighborhoods involved. For our community to be fully covered, we need lots of people to volunteer. Thank you for your interest.

Shannon Arees is the Committee Chairperson and Christine Mortimer the Vice Chairperson. They can be reached by email: [email protected]

What Is a Neighborhood (Block) Watch?

Five Steps to Building a Successful Neighborhood Watch

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