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Home > Current Events and Activities > Have You Considered Volunteering? > The Elves of Dreamland Villa

The Elves of Dreamland Villa

By Patti Hanks

There are a group of residents that have done so much to make our Community better. They work, they play, they laugh and cry together. They form a bound of friendship and support that last years. They are the volunteers. We have many and we do not recognize they often enough. You may never know who they are. For they do not seek accolades or praise. I would like to say, THANK YOU! You are the heart of Dreamland Villa. You make it Community. You send your energy, time and talents fostering good will.

There is a group that put on a pool party, “Summer " thank you for making it fun and entertaining. You made it seem effortless. And I am sure it was anything but effortless. The eye wear to the food it was amazing. Just like each of you are amazing and awesome neighbors.

Then there are the volunteers that work in the office. What a great group of people they are dedicated to you their Community. There is always a smile and an ear to listen. They are a gift to this Community, THANK YOU.

There are so many to thank this article would be to long to name them all. From the Kitchen team, the Posse, the monitors of the daily groups, we thank you all. And to the person that repotted the Alvera in the breezeway it looks so much nicer.

THANK YOU, all are appreciated and noticed even if we don’t acknowledge you often enough. You are a blessing to your Community and we are better for your help. From the Dreamland Villa Board and neighbors once again Thank You!

Volunteers built the Memory Brick Garden

Neighbors Helping Neighbor: March 2016

Dreamland Villa Retirement Community
320 N. 55th Place, Mesa, AZ 85205
(480) 832-3461
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