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Volunteers behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes! (by Ralph Shirey)

There are many different Citizen articles written about the different clubs and their activities but we never really hear about what goes on behind the scenes.  Different groups have had fund raisers and have donated money to the Club for different projects and needs.  Below is a list of just a few that I have witnessed or been made aware of recently.

Shuffle board players had a chili dinner to raise funds for the block wall at the Read complex.  Shuffle board players have worked at a pancake breakfast and operated a swap meet to raise funds to help with maintaining their courts.

The singles club has a long list of contributions they have made over the years.  Some of them are: the purchase of card tables for Read Hall,  $1000.00 to DVCC for insurance,  a donation of $250.00 from a bake sale,  they bought a microwave for Read Hall,  a donation to the library,  donations to the Mesa Patrol for 2 years, donations to the Posse for 7 years and a donation towards the Dreamland sign.  They have decorated Read Hall for all of the holidays for many years.

The lapidary group have donated over the years in different projects, one of the largest was the balcony/closet at Farnsworth Hall.  This project gave the hall a place for all of the audio and lighting controls and storage for the table racks.  Recently they contributed the money to put the required safety fence around the patio at the Read pool.  They have helped at other times but I don’t know all the details.  They get most of their funds through the collection the aluminum cans; crushing them and recycling them.

Maintenance has even been involved with several fund raisers: talent shows, New Years Eve party, pool parties, dances, senior prom and even a fashion show.  All of the proceeds going back into the community.

The Dream Steppers recently did a fashion show Tea fund raiser.  This has been a popular event.

The pickle ball players have sold refreshments, had swap meet and raised money for fencing, lighting, their supplies; and have contributed funds for the shuffle board and to the Ceramics Club when they had a need.

Behind the pancake breakfasts, spaghetti feeds, chili lunches, beef BBQ’s,  and all the other meals are dozens of people working together to provide a service for their friends and neighbors and at the same time make a little money for a special need at the time.

At one time, when Pat and I first moved into Dreamland Villa we got involved in the Dance Club.  This club would plan dances, hire bands to play at the dances and operate the dance.  As attendance dropped off and band were more expensive we decided to close the club.  There was money left in the treasury and we voted to purchase the chairs for Read Hall.

There are probably dozens of instances that I am not aware of, the point being, there is a multitude of activities behind the scenes where groups and clubs are supporting your club and making Dreamland Villa a better for retirement dreams to come true.

Volunteers built the Memory Brick Garden

Neighbors Helping Neighbor: March 2016

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