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Home > Clubs & Activities > Hobbies and Crafts > Lapidary Shop

Lapidary Shop

Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM - Read Hall in R-6
Contact person: Pat Clark - Phone number available at office

The Lapidary Shop is open to all Dreamland Villa residents and presently has many active members. They welcome both men and women into the shop. If you are interested in cutting some rocks and seeing what you can make, come by the shop at Read Hall any Monday through Friday 8:00 - 11:30 AM  and see what is available. 

The Lapidary Shop is fully equipped with two 24” slab saws, one 16” slab saw, two 10” trim saws, and four bench grinders for the grinding and shaping of slabs.  We have two Cabochon grinding machines that can make beautiful pendents.  We have a large tumbler and a flat lap machine. We also have two faceting machines that can make gemstones. Faceting is a very labor intensive and nerve wrecking endeavor and is not for the impatient. However, if you have the patience and the desire, it can be done. We have one person who does faceting right now. 

The crew from the shop also collects aluminum cans for recycling. The bin in the north parking lot at Read Hall is for aluminum beer and pop cans only. Since 2000, the shop has collected funds from this activity and the club is now using using 100% of these funds for the operation and maintence of the Lapidary Shop.

There are  two long time members of lapidary who are very valuable to anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting and coming to know them.  The first is Jim Brown. Jim has been a part of lapidary for over 14 years.  His work on clocks, tables and crosses is absolutely amazing. The examples of his tables are stunning.  He makes custom clocks for the Nebraska Cornhusker fans by the dozens.  During the summer he makes custom clocks that are sent to one of our members that lives in Nebraska that are sold to Nebraska Alumni.  These clocks are in high demand back there and keeps him very busy in the summer months.
The other is long time and very valued member, Vern Carpenter.  Vern has been a member of lapidary with over 14 years.  Vern's forte is faceting.  Faceting is  very labor intensive, mentally challenging, and a nerve racking endeavor.  Vern has a vast collection of gem stones that he has done over the past decade and a half.  One of the ones which is most impressive is a gem stone that is approximately a quarter  in size and has the image of a spider clearly visible inside. Vern also has an uncanny ability to take two totally unrelated items and make something useful from them. Thank you, Jim and Vern, for all you have done for the shop.


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