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Home > Facilities > Swimming Pools and Hot Tub > Read Hall Pools Renovation

Read Hall Pools Renovation

Follow the decision process and progress here

In 2022, due to increased water bills at Read Hall, it was suspected that one or more of the pools were leaking.

Committee established
The Read Pool Ad-Hoc committee was established to follow up. Dan Martens was appointed chairperson. Watch for upcoming meetings in the right hand column on the website home page, "Whats Happening".

Initial Findings
A leak detection company was called out and the pools were inspected. It was determined that the Lap pool (largest pool) was leaking water due to deterioration of the pool shell surface. There were several other issues that were pointed out that require that the cool decking also be dug out. The cool decking joint drains are too narrow and are filled with sand and dirt but have been painted over and cannot be removed. The deck draining system has also been compromised because gravel has been placed over the drainage outlets in the block wall facing the road on 55th Place.

The spa has a crack in the bottom of its shell and requires repair which will require the cool decking also be cut into and the exercise pool has a crack in the pool shell.

Because these pools are well over 50 years old and the underground pipes are old any vibration from hammering on cool decking could cause additional issues, such as more underground line breaks. As with any remodel of an older home, you never know what you are going to find. It is suspected asbestos will be encountered. The pools will also need to be brought up to code and pass inspection.

Bids exceed the Board’s approval threshold and will require a vote by the membership to move forward with any repairs. Several meetings will be required to keep the membership apprised of the bids and to develop a complete understanding of all the options available. A complete overhaul of the pools will be well over $100,000.

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