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Home > Clubs & Activities > Outdoor Games and Activities > Pickleball- Men's > Pickle-ball Rules

Pickle-ball Rules


  • Under hand (below waist)
  • Feet behind the line
  • Serve is diagonal, cross court.
  • Ball must land in green area of opposing court (beyond no-volley zone).
  • Only one serve attempt allowed, except in the event of a 'let' (the ball touches the net on the serve and lands on the proper service court).

Two Bounce Rule:
Ball must bounce on opposing court and back on service court before it can be hit without bouncing(volleying).

At the start of the game, the first serve is from the right court. The first serving team is allowed only one fault before giving up the ball to the opponents.

Thereafter both members of each team will serve and fault before the ball is turned over to the opposing team.

To volley a ball means to hit it in the air without first letting it bounce. All volleying must be done with player's feet behind the non-volley zone line.

No volleying is permitted within the seven foot non-volley zone, preventing players from executing smashes from a position within the seven foot zone on both sides of the net.

Score is called before each serve. Three numbers are called:

  • 1st - Serving team's score
  • 2nd - Receiving team's score
  • 3rd - Server's number; either 1 or 2
A game is played to eleven points and a team must win by two points.
Points are lost (fault) by:
  • Hitting the ball out of bounds.
  • Not clearing the net.
  • Stepping into the no-volley zone and volleying the ball.
  • Volleying the ball before the ball has bounced once on each side of the net.
All balls that land on a line are called "in" with one exception. The "kitchen" no volley back line is "out".

The no volley area is a 7' area on each side of the net where the ball can not be hit unless it bounces first!

No part of the body or paddle can cross that line on a volley.

Pickle Ball Techniques

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