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Home > Clubs & Activities > Outdoor Games and Activities > Pickleball- Men's > Pickle Ball Techniques

Pickle Ball Techniques

Pickle ball is a game of ball placement, strategy and finesse
as well as a game of power.

Dropping the ball just over the net into the no volley
Dropping the ball just over the net into the no volley "kitchen" area of the opponent's court.

The key strategy to remember is the team that reaches the front court in a net volley position first
will be in the best position to win the point.

Position on the Court
Initially, the serving team will be side-by-side on the baseline in a defensive position. The serving team must stay back until the returning ball has bounced once on their side. Then they can move forward to the net volley position.

The receiving team will have the player not receiving the serve in the net volley position. The player receiving the serve should play 1-2 feet behind the baseline to anticipate a deep serve. The receiving team player should hit a deep return shot and move forward to the net volley position side-by-side with his/her partner.

This will put the receiving team in an ideal attack position since the serving team will still be in a defensive position waiting for the returned ball to bounce.

Court Positions
Court Positions
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